API Documentation

The Mobile Legends API is a powerful tool developed to provide developers with access to player base information and game data related to the popular mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This API, independently created and not affiliated with Mobile Legends, allows developers to integrate and interact with the data and statistics of players, including match played and owned heroes, in their own applications or services. This API is currently used by .

Endpoint URL

The recrav API is built based on the REST API architecture. It allows authorized users to access any URI using various HTTP request methods.


To interact with the Recrav API, you need to authorize yourself by including the appropriate token in the Authorization Header. The API currently uses the Bearer Authorization method to validate access.

HTTP response codes

  • 200 -- Success Everything went smooth
  • 401 -- Unauthorized Missing or incorrect token
  • 502 -- Bad Gateway currently working on this, don't know why it happen xD

API error codes

  • 400 -- Bad request Your request is missing something, so we can't process
  • 401 -- Unauthorized Whether missing or invalid Authorization token
  • 404 -- Not Found API Endpoint not found, have you input the correct endpoint?
  • 409 -- Conflict Your data may be duplicated
  • 410 -- Gone Maybe something gone or expird
  • 416 -- Range Not Satisfiable Something you input may be out of range
  • 422 -- Unprocessable Are you missing somthing on the request, ex: header or params
  • 500 -- Internal Server Error Something error with internal server. Kindly contact developer to fix issur
  • 501 -- Not Implemented Maybe you request without validate it's your own account

Game Data

Get information of mlbb account data.


Game Profile

Get information of mlbb account profile by using ID and Server.

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