Hi, my name is Raymond Tju, I'm an undergradute student based in Indonesia, majoring in Computer Science and I am currently in my second semester. I am highly passionate about technology and has exprience in these field about years. I really enjoy web developing and graphic designing too.

Right now, I am curious and eager to learn various techniques about web development. During my spare time, I like to play Mobile Legends and code. That might sound boring, but I enjoy them. I am not a salty person and I am an introvert haha.


List of project I created and involved for sure ^^

  • justpoll

    Nothing has ever been this easy, create, live, share poll 👨‍💻

  • mlbb.fyi

    Comprehensive information and community-focused website designed specifically for Mobile Legends players🧙🏻‍♂️.

  • notes

    A feature-rich and user-friendly 🗒️note-taking website designed with a focus on simplicity and an enjoyable experience. It incorporates fun and comfortable animations.

  • cinema

    An Open Source Simple Booking 🎞️Cinema App created using NextJS 13.4 + Server Action, Prisma ORM + Supabase, and Tailwind CSS

  • zez

    Simple, fast, open source custom url shortener that help you manage you links. Also you can generate QR Code for your link ✨

  • future-living

    Community project based on study case, designed to revolutionize the way we find, buy, and live in our home's 🏠.